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College is Possible!

We are happy to celebrate good news from LeadLearnLive today! They have announced an agreement with Northeastern State University to provide the first four-year, fully-integrate, comprehensive post-secondary program in Oklahoma for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities, beginning fall of 2018.

Oklahoma is one of two states without a post-secondary program to support students with I/DD. Since 2012, LeadLearnLive has worked tirelessly educating, gathering support, and fundraising to provide a program in our state. The new program will be located in Tahlequah and be based on REACH, a program of the College of Charleston in South Carolina. We encourage parents of high school students with I/DD to sign up for LeadLearnLive’s email list so you can be the first to know of upcoming details.

Visit Facebook to congratulate LeadLearnLive and thank NSU for their support!66p96a0g tgipromowebclientlogosnsu43