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April At-A-Glance

Happy April!

April is the month of the growing season, when trees and flowers begin to “open”. So that means April is the month of GROWTH!

April is a hopeful month which promises good and beautiful things in the future.

There are a lot of holiday celebrations in the month of April and we wanted to take the time to share some of them with you.


April National Month Observations:

At the beginning of each month, we will be sharing a list of National Days that you can observe during that given month. At the beginning of every week, we will provide a more detailed explanation of the Awareness Days observed in that week.

  • National Autism Awareness Month
  • National Month of Hope
  • National Parkinson’s Awareness Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • National Volunteer Appreciation Month
  • Occupational Therapy Month
  • National Child Abuse Prevention Month


April National Week Observations:

The first week of April is:

  • National Public Health Week

The second full week of April is:

  • National Student Employment Week
  • National Volunteer Week

The third full week of April is:

  • Boys & Girls Club Week

The fourth full week of April is:

  • Every Kid Healthy Week


April National Day Observations:

At the beginning of each week, we will be posting a day-to-day list that details all of April’s National Day Observations. It will include what the holiday is for and how you can observe it. 

April 1st: April Fools Day

April 2nd: World Autism Awareness Day/SAAM Day of Action (Sexual Assault Awareness Month)

April 3rd: Childhelp National Day of Hope/National Walking Day

April 6th: National STUDENT-Athlete Day (NSAD)/National Love Our Children Day

April 7th: National Handmade Day/World Health Day

April 8th: National Zoo Lovers Day

April 9th: National Name Yourself Day

April 10th: National Siblings Day

April 11th: Parkinson’s Disease International Awareness Day

April 12thNational Day of Silence

April 15th: National Education and Sharing Day.

April 16th: National Healthcare Decisions Day/National Stress Awareness Day

April 18th: National High Five Day

April 19th: National Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day

April 22nd: National Earth Day

April 23rd: National Take a Chance Day

April 25th: National DNA Day

April 26th: National Kids and Pets Day

April 27th: Show your Metal Day

April 28th: National Superhero Day